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Beebe Bluff
Char 30565
Name Beebe Bluff
Gender female
Family Bill Bluff
Job student
Interests fashion, dancing, gossip
Crushes Doug Funnie, Skeeter Valentine
Best Friends Connie Benge, Patti Mayonnaise
Enemies Roger Klotz
Beebe Bluff is the richest kid in Bluffington, given that the town is named for her family. Her father is the wealthy and greedy Bill Bluff.


Although Beebe is very snobby, she is popular with the girls in school, like Patti Mayonnaise and Connie Benge, her two best friends. However, boys in school are not as fond of her.


Because of her snobby personality, boys do not like Beebe, except for Larry, who admits to having a crush on her in the episode Doug Throws a Party (Beebe doesn't feel the same way about Larry).

She develops crushes on both Doug Funnie and Skeeter Valentine, who are dismayed to find this out.

She despises Roger Klotz, so Doug Funnie pretends to act like Roger Klotz in order to get Beebe not to like him anymore. She is especially horrified when Roger eventually gets rich.

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