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Richard Douglas Eric funnie
Name Richard Douglas Eric funnie
Gender Male
Spouse(s) None
Family judy funnie :older sister

Erica (dirtbike) funnie :younger sister Phil funnie :father Theda funnie :mother

Job Student
Interests Friends and being nice
Crushes Pattie mayonnaise
Best Friends Pattie mayonnaise beebe bluff Connie benge chalky studebaker skeeter Valentine
Enemies Roger klotz

Richard Douglas "Doug " Eric funnie Is the main character in the series he is the little brother of Judy funnie and the older brother of Erica cleopatra " dirtbike" funnie and the only boy of Phil an theda funnie


he is the 2econd oldest in the family he is very nice smart and creative he is very funny and everyone loves him he has a great personality


  • being with friends
  • having fun
  • playing
  • summer break


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