Doug on the Trail is the first part of the tenth episode of the second season of Nickelodeon's Doug.


The Bluffscouts are on a canoe trip. But trouble arrives when Scoutmaster Dink heads off into the forest to get a new navigational computer, leaving Roger in charge. Doug and Skeeter can't stand Roger's orders, so they search for Mr. Dink who seems to have disappeared.



Mr. Dink and the other Bluff Scouts are taking a Bluff Scout canoe trip, where Doug attempts to prove himself a real Bluff Scout. When Doug tries to take Mr. Dink's navigational computer out the canoe, he accidentally sets off the pepper mill he was holding and the pepper sprays in his face, causing him to sneeze and trip. As he trips, he accidentally drops the navigational computer and it breaks as it lands on a rock. Roger mocks his clumsiness, telling him not to "bite off more that you can a-chew." Doug apologizes to Mr. Dink, but the latter isn't upset and says he'll just get a spare from the campsite. While he gets one, he puts Roger, the senior Bluff Scout, in charge of the Bluff Scouts, much to Doug and Skeeter's annoyance.

Main Episode

As Mr. Dink has yet to return, Roger gives orders to all the Bluff Scouts. Willie has to pitch the tent, Boomer has to make him lunch, Ned has to shield the flies away from him, and Doug is ordered to pick earthworms out the soil. Doug then becomes worried about Mr. Dink since it has been four hours since he has left and is convinced that Mr. Dink is lost.

Doug's imagination: Mr. Dink, with the spare navigational computer, is rowing his boat trying to navigate the campsite and ends up taking a plunge down the waterfall.

So Doug implements a search party to look for Mr. Dink, but first, he asks Roger if he, Skeeter, and Porkchop could go in the quest. Roger refuses to let it happen, saying that the search will begin when twelve hours has elapsed since Mr. Dink's absence. He also threatens to relegate him and Skeeter back to Tender-toe if they disobey him.

Doug, Porkchop, and Skeeter, however, flout Roger's order and attempt to hop in a canoe, only to get suppressed by Roger's gang. The gang, however, annoyed by Roger's orders, lets them ride the canoe anyway to go on a quest to search for Mr. Dink.

Doug's imagination: Doug and Skeeter, dressed as hunters, search through the woods and spot footprints as Porkchop is playing a banjo as an unknown singer is singing a song dedicated to this A moose grabs him from behind by surprise, only to get wrestled by Doug in the process.

During the canoe ride, they spot moose tracks on the land and finally come across Mr. Dink's footprints, as well as signs with his name on them. The friends follow the footprints and lose the trail. Doug reads the manual stating that when no more animal footprints are visible, scouts use hunting dog to track down the animal's scent. So Porkchop sniffs Mr. Dink's handkerchief from Doug's pocket and follows his scent around the forest. He comes across a cave and Skeeter finds Mr. Dink's pants inside. When the friends hear a roar, they run away and climb a tree.

Convinced that a bear ate him, they mourn for Mr. Dink's loss and finally find him up a tree, where he is completely nude. During his search for a new navigational computer, Mr. Dink explains that he soaked his clothes. So he laid them out to dry. When he came back to get his clothes, he saw a bear and ran up the tree. Doug and Skeeter then explain to Mr. Dink that Roger threatened to demote them back to tender-toe if they search for Mr. Dink without his permission and soon explain the story.

Back at the campsite, the rest of the Bluff Scouts go on strike and rebel against Roger for eating all the food. When Mr. Dink returns, he gives Doug and Skeeter a special Mountain Man award and orders Speedy Pizza for the scouts, with Roger as the server.



  • Chester from Doug's Big Catch makes a cameo appearance in the beginning of the episode.