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Judith Anastasia "Judy" Funnie
Name Judith Anastasia "Judy" Funnie
Gender Female
Spouse(s) None
Family Doug Funnie (brother)
Phil Funnie (father)
Theda Funnie (mother)
Job Student
Interests drama, theater, poetry, costumes, music, Shakespeare
Best Friends A football shaped object made of chewing gum and hair in her closet.
Judy Funnie is the older sister of Doug Funnie. She's often seen wearing only purple and black, and rarely takes off her beret or her sunglasses.


She is the oldest child in her family and while she's never particularly rebellious, she's very dramatic and often difficult to deal with. However, she's very intelligent and artistic, and therefore attends the Moody School, a school for artistically talented teenagers. Although she and Doug have sibling rivalry like any normal pair of siblings, she loves him and it's very clear that they're close.



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