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Mayor White
Mayor Robert Bob White
Name Mayor White
Gender Male
Family Unnamed Wife
Willie White - Son
Job Mayor of Bluffington, Bluffington Middle School principal (only in the Disney version).
Interests Politics
Enemies Mrs. Dink, anyone who doesn't vote for him


Mayor Robert "Bob" White is the mayor of Bluffington. His catch phrase is, "Vote for me!", which he says every time he gives a speech. Mayor White is a cheery and friendly man, but is notoriously unhelpful, in terms of helping the town of Bluffington. He's more interested in telling others to vote for him, rather than giving them legitimate reasons for his election. As an example, after revealing his plan to "beautify Bluffington", citizens complained of trash and pollution, which only made the situation worse. He openly hates people who he knows didn't vote for him. Once, he (oddly and unfairly) fired the English teacher, Ms Krystal, when his son said she didn't vote for him in the last election. (Realistically, a city's mayor cannot fire a teacher, only the school board can.)

Mr. Dink's wife, Tippi Dink eventually replaced him as mayor in the Disney version of Doug, and he went on to become the principal of Bluffington Middle School. However, he did not stop trying to become re-elected, which ultimately didn't happen.


Mayor White has darker skin, almost like Patti Mayonnaise, and has white hair (or possibly a wig, as it has been shown to fly off his head any time). He wears a blue suit with a red tie and black dress shoes.


Although it isn't discovered until later in the series (Doug Runs), Willie White, a member of Roger's gang, is his son. Despite being from a political background, Willy made a bad choice in judgement of hanging with Roger and his gang. Willy and Robert get along well, as he funded his campaign platform at school, while trying to maintain his own platform against Mrs. Dink (in which they both lost).

Apparently, his wife makes all the decisions he makes, which gives Mayor White the appearance of a timid, indecisive Mayor. Whenever there is a crisis, he knows his wife will get him out of it, as seen in Doug, Mayor for a Day.


  • Mayor White has a voice that is similar to U.S President George H. W. Bush, the father of George W. Bush.


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