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Bud Dink
Bud Dink
Name Bud Dink
Gender male
Spouse(s) Tippi Dink
Mr. Bud Dink is an adult friend of Doug Funnie.


Bud Dink is a middle-aged man who is a friend to Doug, often talking with him about any subject that may be on his, or Doug's, mind. Bud, or Mr. Dink as he's better known, enjoys investing in expensive new inventions and gadgets for use in his leisure time. Bud is married to his long-suffering wife, Tippingdale Dink, more commonly referred to as Tippy. The two met in high school. They went to senior prom together, which resulted in a trip to the ER for Tippi.


Mr. Dink's custom grill, produced with a likeness of himself adorning it, became the victim of an unprovoked hate attack. The perpetrator still remains at large, and the Dinks can no longer sleep soundly knowing that the kind of monster who could do such a thing is still allowed to walk the streets. Doug once imagined that Mr. Dink would turn into a green werewolf when he told him that he broke his grill.


  • Hello Douglas!
  • Very expensive!


  • The Dink in Mr. Dink's name may stand for Dual-Income No Kids, which would explain his capability to make such "very expensive" purchases.

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