Rsz porkchop
Name Porkchop
Gender Male
Family Doug Funnie (owner)
Interests N/A
Crushes N/A
Best Friends Doug Funnie, Skeeter Valentine
Enemies Stinky and Roger Klotz
Porkchop is Doug's dog. He is anthropomorphic except that he was just a normal "house dog" and does not speak in any human language. He communicates by such typical dog sounds as barking, and spelling, along with using facial expressions and hand gestures. Since he was given to Doug when he was one year old on Christmas morning, he is able to sense what Doug is feeling and saying. Unlike his owner, he is very outgoing and doesn't hesitate to dive into adventure.

His home is a fully equipped and furnished fake igloo in the Nickelodeon version and a tepee in the Disney version. He also has a mailbox, clothes, a Walkman and many other human possessions. It is possible Porkchop could be a parody of Snoopy or Garfield.


Doug Funnie is the closest to Porkchop, but he generally gets along with everybody except for Roger Klotz and his cat, Stinky.


  • Just like his owner, he is also the only other character from the show to appear in almost every episode.