Quailman is an imaginary superhero Doug pretends to be at times. He is voiced by Billy West (on Nick) and Tom McHugh (on Disney.)

Doug also imagines himself as several alter egos, particularly a superhero named Quailman, spy film character Smash Adams, and adventuring archaeologist Race Canyon. The idea for "Quailman", an imaginary superhero whom Doug often pretends to be in the cartoon, was inspired by a similar superhero invented by Jinkins when he was younger. Quailman is clearly a parody of the popular comic book hero, Superman.

Quailman and his sidekick Quaildog are almost identical to Doug and Porkchop in appearance, except they have a "Q" insignia on their chests, sport red capes, and wear belts on their heads (which represent a quail's topknot).