Willie White
Picture 8
Name Willie White
Gender Male
Family Mayor White (Father)
Unnamed Mother
Job Student
Crushes Beebe Bluff
Best Friends Roger Klotz, Ned Cauphee, Boomer Bledsoe
Enemies Doug Funnie
Willie White is a student and part of Roger Klotz's gang. Although he is the dumbest of Roger's friends, the two seem to ally the best, compared to Roger's other cronies. His father was the mayor of Bluffington, before Tippi Dink defeated him in an election.


Willie is friends with Roger Klotz, Ned Cauphee, and Boomer Bledsoe. He is mean to Doug Funnie, but mostly by means of backing up Roger's bullying. Willie's father supported him in a student body treasurer campaign against Doug, although Willie had no real political aspirations.


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